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Some of the questions that are often asked are....
  1. Does our dog need to be a purebred?
    NO, a dog is a dog is a dog!! Any dog can do agility.  The only thing we stress is that your dog be good with other dogs and people (for everyone's safety)
  2. How old does my dog need to be?
    It is a good idea to talk with your family vet but I like the dogs to be about (depending on size) 13-18mths
  3. Does my dog need Vaccinations?
    I would like to see proof of vaccinations or titre testing
  4. Does my dog need any prerequisite classes?
    It helps!! Any puppy socialization,obedience,rally, trick training...anything you get out and do with your dog helps you for when you finally UNCLIP that collar and have your dog run and stay with you!! Agility is of course eventually an off leash sport and classes are in a group.
Agility is taught in a positive environment.  We encourage verbal, physical, food and toy rewards. The more you reward and be positive the more enjoyable the experience will be.  I say, for the majority of people, that if you had to go to work everyday and never got a paycheck, would you be happy about it?? When our dogs work hard for us it's great for them to get a reward. 
We work on focus as we need to get these dogs off a leash as soon as possible.  So YOU become the most fun to be with! (not another dog).  We do not use choke chains, pinch collars or e-collars. We use our voices and our body language and be exciting to be with!
I have taken classes, participated in seminars, competed at trials, regional, national and world events and kept it FUN. I am still SO excited to take my dog out to a local fun match and see the joy it gives him to be there.  So.. come out and give it a try!... I will be there with a big smile!
BEGINNER AGILITY. A 3 month course for dogs that have never done the sport before or have done a little, but, do not have a very strong foundation.  It is really nice to see lots of handlers return to take the beginner session a second and third time to build more confidence in their dog AND themselves. Super FUN!!
REGULAR CLASS are for dogs and handlers that have completed the 3 month beginner course. You move to a different night into a smaller group class working more on sequencing, drills and have even more fun than you can imagine!!